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Skype Best Practices:
Scale up Your Business on Skype to Reach Unlimited Numbers Worldwide with your Message and Mission

I want to support you and your dream for the world to be seen and heard across the globe, using Skype. You want to get the most benefit from your Skype. While building relationships with an unlimited number of people across the world, and especially if you want to scale up your business on Skype and at the same time create time freedom while getting your communications seen and acted on, you want to learn my Skype for business best practices. You can control Skype communities, to help your audience, and your evangalists to your message on Skype. When you are ready to scale up business on Skype, SeeYouOnSkype Membership can help you build your Tribe and let your commuities builf the culture and spread your message! We can help you find someone or train your people, to help you with your Skype Marketing, Skype Community building and Skype Room group chat moderator or a Skype VA (virtual assistant) with your Skype List Building and YOur Uniques Skype Funnel spinning.

Four Parts To Your Skype Traffic Funnel

These 4 main Skype Topics I have developed, and will always be perfecting with your help, are based on over a decade of helping people with Skype, both for personal use and Skype for business. Remember. Skype is NOT just video calls. Skype IM (instant message) can help you communicate with a few targeted people or thousands with Skype Room groups and with Skype Lists and Funnels.

Each of these 4 Skype Topics will have a main Skype Room (Group chat), with invitations to join offshoot conversations (more rooms), for drilling down to the details of how to benefit from using Skype along with all other Social media for outstanding results:

  1. Skype Tips - Skype changes, Basic Skype Training, Skype Management such as backing up your Skype contacts, Skype Lists, Skype Rooms, and your Skype History... while it lasts (before it too moves to the Cloud).

    Skype Is Changing! Skype is Moving to the Cloud...

    Are you ok with Skype changes? Get my Skype Tips to stay up to date on the best practises for Skype for business. Inside you can also join my Skype Ideas chat Room where we talk about how to influence how Skype changes the way we want and need it to. I can help you drift smoothly with the Cloud and take a deep breath again with Skype...

    Discover about Skype Room (group chats) and how to keep the best of the legacy (p2p based) Rooms vs the less useful new Cloud based Rooms and the benefits of using BOTH the latest Skype and old versions of Skype...

  2. Skype Rooms - I call Skype Groups Skype rooms and you can use these to build Your Own Skype Community! Now, for best practices, I highly recommend you setup your Skype Rooms correctly! Lets talk more about how to create the best "Legacy" based Skype rooms for both members as well as creators and moderator/administrators. Any one can make a less powerful Cloud based group on Skype. It is not the best kind! We can help you to set up the best legacy Skype Room for best results, control and safety of your members.

  3. Skype Marketing - Skype Tools and best practices for lead generation and Skype Traffic, Networking, collaborating and team building on Skype, Skype List Building and Skype funnel for 100% Delivery of your message, which is far better than the low delivery rate of email marketing and list building or poor Facebook delivery.

  4. Skype Safety & Hack Recovery - besides making your Skype Room groups safe, each person can make keep his own Skype account hacker free. Your Community on Skype depends on YOU to keep both Safe! The bigger and busier your Skype gets, the more likely a contact of yours will become hacked, so do not accept unexpected files or click unexpected links from your friends on Skype, no matter how much you trust them.
    It may not be them! Download some helpful items inside this membership for free. There is the 3 Steps To Recover Report and the Skype Safety First Aid Kit form to keep records about your Skype to prepare for Skype sign in issues as well as verifying the account is yours. You should also have back ups of your Skype and know how to gain access to your contacts always as well as my knowledge about how to use Skype Tools to communicate quickly with your contacts and also access them from another Skype account.
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Skype Room Setup and Moderation

Setup and Moderate your Skype Room Group chats with access to old p2p versions of Skype set to easily switch between old p2p chats and New Cloud chats and versions. Create Skype rooms in the best versions to meet your needs. P2P Skype Rooms allow better moderation and new versions let you enter new Cloud based Skype rooms. As a paid member, I can show you how to get setup to easily and quickly switch back and forth for the best of both the New Cloud based Skype and the Old Versions and p2p Skype. Or get a discount to have me set it up for you. See my regular fee here. Join and let me keep you up to speed on all the changes effecting Skype since the forced upgrades and MS ownership. Read more inside about the 3 phases of Skype Room Life cycle ~ Creation, Participation and Monetization and End (moving to a new project room).

Using Skype For Business Networking

Julie Wolf renowned Skype Coach invites you to Join us:

Join the Inner Circle of Skype Networkers. Inside this site, you can access Julie's Skype Trainings, get the Skype Tips Newsletter or join any of her many Topic Focused Skype Chat Rooms to connect and learn all you can about online marketing, social networking, "relationship marketing" and even traffic generation with Skype.

Discover the Hidden Power of Skype From a Skype Expert:

Skype Training

I have just completed Skype Trainings for both the New Skype user and experienced user scaling up for busy projects on Skype for business. I am nearly ready to release several Advanced Skype Trainings for Fall 2014 and early 2015. The Basic Trainings are included for all paid members, and the Advanced Trainings are 50% to paid members and JV partner members. Note: the ones in * bold below, these are my favorites I am passionate about now after a year of research and working out how to retain the Skype room moderation benefits of old versions. Skype Trainings include:

Skype Hack Recovery and Safety

Have you ever lost your Skype account? Learn how to never have that happen again. Find out how to get Skype Support inside. Learn and share Skype hack safety and recovery wisdom, like Julie does. She has a 100% Skype hack recovery rate for those who really want their Skype account back. Share Julie's knowledge to help protect your contacts using viral reports or Skype Safety Bulletins, re-branded with your affiliate links! This and much more will be yours inside as a member of See You On Skype!

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Skype List Building


How to Network with Thousands Using Skype Etiquette
and Permission Marketing Without "Skype Spam"

How to use permission targeted list building with Skype categories and Skype tools. Use effective Skype networking strategies that actually save you time and help you find the right people on Skype to build business with you. Learn how to use the Skype power tools that help you manage an ever growing Skype contact list. Video and written step by step tutorials are all inside for your use when ever you need them, as a member of See You On Skype!

Skype Chat Directory

Do you know about Julie's Skype Chat Directory? Join a Skype room in your favorite topic or niche, or add yourself as a Skype business person or add your own Skype room at Skype Chat Directory. Have access to Public Skype rooms, Skype people and get featured at Julie's Skype Directory inside as a member of See You On Skype!

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After confirming your email, sign in and find pages for the Skype Services, Products (discounted for upgraded members) and affiliate tools (1 tier, ongoing % for upgraded tba). When you are ready, you can Upgrade to one of 2 or (for a limted time) 3 levels of membership! Platinum is $147/mo and is available now for only $97/mo to get everything I offer. Or choose $27/mo Silver (later $47/mo) to listen in to a weekly live Skype coaching call focusing on one person's business each week. The very temporary Discount Annual Founder level ($77/yr) will close very soon and 2015 New members will get the Silver or Gold Level benefits (still to be decided and soon tba).